Tuesday, 20 October 2015


I'm in the finals again.  5 delusional celebrity wannabes all fighting for that bit of cash in a cage match.  It's gonna be a blood bath.  But before that R.AGE has decided to equip us with all the weapons necessary for the final bout.  Off to the bootcamp!

We were sent to Le Cordon Bleu Sunway to be trained by 4 Jedi masters: Chef Rodolph of Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant, Mr KYspeaks and DJ Chef Liang.  I like that girl on the left, she personally tour guided me to the lift when I was lost in this badly designed building circulation. Also, she put a lot of effort into her pout, unlike Nuril.

Le Cordon Bleu Training Kitchen
First we had a mini cook off in Le Cordon Bleu's very well-equipped kitchen.  There are more stainless steel here than on Optimus Prime.  The kids sure have fun with their combis and ice cream machines. Kitchen hood with fresh air inlet, epoxy floors, hotplate with temperature zones, automated soap dispenser, lesung batu!  I'm so turned on.

Chef Rodolph and our dishes glued on the ceiling.  I think soon you won't see chefs like him anymore: immaculate, crafty, stern and classically trained.  These are the generation of chefs and cooks who did the job to put bread on the table.  They knew not of being a celebrity and talking bullshit.  Yet they gave us the building blocks to do what we do nowadays.  With hipster chefs everywhere trying to be Jamie and Nigella, we must not forget that our success is due to having stood on the shoulder of giants.

After the mini cook-off we had a philosophical chat with Chef Darren Chin.  The man runs DC Restaurant - a hardcore fine dining establishment in TTDI.  I hope to go there myself one day, sometimes food does go beyond re-fueling and fancy photography. Anyways before i rant let's crack on......

Last but not least, KYspeaks gave us a tutorial on how to setup a food blog. His persona on the blog does not hint of such a humble and chilled out dudeness. KY gave us a homework to do which was annoying, so without further ado here it is:


Ashley and her Watermelon Basil Tuna Tartare
Here's Asian Posh Spice.  Having graduated from the Buckingham Palace of Posh she continued the nasty British tradition of taxes at Ernst & Young.  But thank lord she has now found her passion in cooking posh food like extinct fishes and fondants.  Look at her food: its pretty!  its classy!  And for some reason it has to be sprinkled around the plate.

Nuril and his Otak-otak Ikan Merah
Here's Chef Nuril, a funny man from Penang who seems to have inherited a large sum of wealth from FAMA.  Disturbingly over-friendly chap, he is flying the Jawi peranakan flag in Penang, the over-rated foodie state.  You can read all about his adventures with a microscope on his restaurant website.  I won't say much about his dish as you can see it for yourself above: it's clean, it's colourful and it's an expensive piece of fish sporting a green afro.  Well done mate, we must visit Jawi House soon.

Li-Anne with her Cake, rocks, pumpkin and yoghurt ice cream
Spice girls have taken over the world.  This is Australian Sporty Spice.  She is from the down unda and have made yoghurt ice cream.  Now i don't have a choice but to share this joke about Aussies and yoghurt:

"What is the difference between an Aussie and Yoghurt?  Only one of them has culture in it."


Anyways Li-Anne made dessert.  It's pretty and it's made from sugar, palm oil and more sugar with some random vegetable or fruit.  I think the yoghurt has culture and sugar.  How can anyone say no, not even Jaymay Oliver.

Kelly and her Prawn and pineapple chutney starter
This is Kelly, she also has hair disability.  Kelly is a tall doctor, a tall singer, a tall chef and someone please give her a nobel prize already.  Kelly made a starter of 2 prawns and stuff sprinkled around the plate.  It's the law of physics: if you eat like Kelly you will have nice slim figure too Hong... I hoovered up everything in a wink. Delish! 

Me and my... stuff
This is me.  I went to the gym before cooking.  Everyone told me my portion is abnormal. Well they are not fat and I need a diet plan.  I made roasted chicken with coconut gravy, long beans and rice.  No, they are open... my eyes are open ok..... they're just small.  I think my food was ok, i just need to sprinkle some sex appeal on it to keep the camera happy. More homework......

Chef Liang helping out and not afraid getting his hands dirty despite his stylish outfit
Anyways, BIG UP to R.AGE for planning and sorting everything out.  Especially to Chef Liang and Clarissa.  Mr Liang was working like a COMMI saving lives while Clarissa as usual has to attend to our many tantrums and inappropriate behaviour.  RESPECT.


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